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Leading actuarial firm with over 50 years of experience in Actuarial and Retirement Services

We Live to Help Companies Save and See Their Employees Prosper

Over the last 50 years, E.M. Zalamea Actuarial Services, Inc. has helped companies set up provident, pension, and retirement plans for their employees. Today, its ultimate goal as one of the top actuarial firms in the Philippines is to continue providing personalized consultancy services and actuarial valuations to corporations seeking to establish or improve retirement programs that benefit both the company and their employees.

Our Beginnings

Named after its founder, E.M. Zalamea Actuarial Services began in 1966 when Enrique M. Zalamea encouraged heads of companies to develop employee retirement plans to ensure the sufficiency of funds to pay for employees’ retirement benefits and take advantage of the tax privileges provided by the Bureau of Internal Revenue under Republic Act 4917.

Through the Funding Actuarial Valuation, Zalamea advised his clients on the appropriate contributions for various employee groups based on salary, tenure, benefits, assumptions, and financial projections.

Promising Opportunities

When the Retirement Pay Law, which provides retirement benefits for all employees, was enacted in 1993, the advantages of setting up a retirement plan became clearer than ever. Companies soon realized that contributions to a retirement plan save them much more in the long run, boost employee morale, and endow the company with a significant competitive advantage. Retirement plans became popular across companies of all sizes and industries, and E.M. Zalamea Actuarial Services became one of the country’s leaders in this endeavor.
In 2005, the Philippine Security and Exchanges Commission adopted the Philippine Accounting Standards (PAS), which required all corporations to implement a specific accounting principle. PAS 19 provided E.M. Zalamea Actuarial Services new opportunities to be of service to its clients as more and more companies began adopting this standard.

Making Our Mark

Over the next few decades, Zalamea put its name on the map as a leading provider of retirement plans and actuarial services in the Philippines, helping over 3,000 corporations in various industries all over the country.

Local success has enabled Zalamea to provide Actuarial Process Outsourcing services to international clients, serving regional offices in Hong Kong, Japan, the US, and Singapore. Global actuarial firms and HR consulting firms based in New York and Hong Kong have also contracted the company to perform actuarial valuations.
Some services Zalamea offers international clients include Financial Accounting Standard No. 158 valuation, funding valuation, International Accounting Standard No. 19 – Employee Benefits valuation, and actuarial studies.


Our portfolio of clients spans across different industries and even locations

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