As a leading actuarial firm in the Philippines, E.M. Zalamea Actuarial Services prides itself in providing all of the information you require to make excellent decisions for your company and your employees. Zalamea offers the following services:


Retirement Plan Set Up

Zalamea helps companies design employee retirement plans that are aligned with their financial goals and following current retirement pay laws to provide the best retirement benefits possible.


Valuation Calculations:

  • Funding Valuation (for Budgeting Purposes)

This valuation is required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) when companies apply for tax exemptions based on contributions to their employees’ retirement plans.

  • PAS 19R Valuation (for Accounting Disclosures)

This valuation complies with the Philippine Accounting Standards and is a requirement of the Securities and Exchange Commission through external auditors.

  • PFRS for SMEs 28 Valuation (for Accounting Disclosures)

This valuation is a required disclosure if the company reports an asset of less than PHP 350 million.

  • Valuations for International Reporting
    • ASC 715 (US GAAP) Valuation
    • FRS 17 (UK GAAP) Valuation


BIR Filing

Zalamea assists in the documentation and filing for tax exemption of a company’s retirement plan with the BIR


Retirement Plan Administration (with Online Access)

Zalamea administers individual ledgers to keep track of employee and employer contributions and earnings. Each employee is provided online access to monthly statements to help them keep track of their contributions and earnings.


Actuarial Process Outsourcing

Zalamea provides special computation and actuarial valuations for clients, audit firms, and actuarial firms based outside the Philippines.


Payroll Processing (with Online Access)

Zalamea offers an end-to-end payroll processing solution, including advice on applicable labor and tax regulation requirements, payroll calculations, filing of government reports, and remittance of withheld amounts to the corresponding government agencies.