Zalamea’s Payroll System Integration with UnionBank through API

Zalamea is a company that is committed to digitization and streamlining of processes, especially for payroll systems in the Philippines. With this vision in mind, Zalamea has integrated its payroll system with UnionBank, the leading digital bank in the country. The integration promises to simplify the payroll process and provide numerous advantages to clients, including improved efficiency, accuracy, and security.

In the past, clients had to download a file from the payroll system, convert the file based on the bank’s format, and upload it to the bank site to disburse salaries. However, with the new API integration, once the client is done with the calculation in the system, they can simply click on disburse and enter their UnionBank credentials. The payroll system will automatically disburse the salaries from the corporate account to the employees’ accounts.

This new integration brings many advantages to clients of Zalamea’s payroll system, including reduced manual handling and greater security. The API integration makes the payroll process more efficient, with fewer manual steps that can lead to mistakes or delays. The secure transmission of data through the API also ensures that employee data and company finances are always safe and secure.

Zalamea’s integration with UnionBank using an API is just one of the many steps the company has taken towards digitization and streamlining of payroll processing in the Philippines. Zalamea is committed to providing innovative solutions that simplify and streamline processes for its clients.

In conclusion, Zalamea’s payroll system integration with UnionBank using an API is a significant development for payroll processing in the Philippines. It simplifies the payroll process, reduces handholding, enhances security, and provides a more seamless integration between the two systems. By staying at the forefront of digitization and payroll processing, Zalamea is leading the way in delivering efficient, accurate, and secure payroll services to clients across the country.